We are Williamsburg's premier special event rental company. Our reputation was earned by providing personal service and attention to detail. Clean, new equipment and a staff that is courteous and helpful are two more indicators of our high standards. We are passionate about our work and take time to get to know you so that we can make your special event just as you envision.

Our clients benefit from our knowledge and our approach to service by becoming involved in the planning and decision-making process. An informed client knows that there's more to planning an event than choosing the decor and visiting our recommended local florists and caterers. The event location, tent type, load-in/load-out, and other logistical considerations all make an impact on the feel of an event. We strive to make our events run smoothly from start to finish by helping our clients make well-informed choices, and our experience makes that possible.

Choosing your special event rental company is a big decision. Perhaps you'd like to know what our customers say about us. We encourage you to visit our Testimonials page. You'll be impressed.



about us

Steve Rose, Owner, defines the company's "can-do" philosophy. His family's businesses in England included a garden center and a builder's supply center; the former he managed at the young age of 21. Destined to be in business for himself, he searched for the right opportunity after moving to Virginia. He is a creative and innovative thinker, as well as a leader in the community. Steve has two sons, Nicholas and Christian. Two of Steve's other passions are British chocolate and British cars. And, of course, his British humor must be appreciated.

Jennifer Hewitt, Manager, came to us in 2001 with 11 years in the special event industry. She is a multi-talented lady, and her energy and commitment are invaluable. In addition to holding down the fort, you may see her coordinating many of our big events.

Susan McLaughlin and Kristan Nyberg work tirelessly with hot water and hot steam, cleaning our food service items and pressing our linens. They inspect with eagle eyes and are indispensable to us.

Casey Butler, with over six years experience in the event industry, works on logistics and coordinates the crews in the field.

"The Guys" round out the team with their dedication to quality work. Our field staff are always courteous and committed to our company's values.

about the company

Established in 1996, the company had two components: custom canvas and event rentals. As time passed and both grew, we decided to focus our energy on one. Williamsburg Event Rentals was born, and to this day we strive to show you that we do one thing, and we do it best. We have slowly but surely earned the trust of a wide range of clients, including some cornerstones of our community. We aim to preserve that trust, whether the event is a high-profile one, or a small family get-together. We want to be the company you choose when you celebrate your milestones, and we know it is an important decision for you.

We also feel that it is of utmost importance to support our community. Owner Steve Rose looks for unique ways that his business can allow him to make an impact in the community, both providing entertainment and supporting charity. In 2004, Steve and his wife, Laura, founded a non-profit organization called Inclusion. Its mission is to inform, inspire and involve children from diverse backgrounds in the Historic Triangle community. Inclusion now organizes two fundraising events annually: the Matoaka Summer Concerts and The Chocolate Affair. Williamsburg Event Rentals makes a conscious effort to offer its resources to support local causes. Steve and Laura intend for this to continue in the future.


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